Copy Page Hierarchy for Confluence Cloud - User Guide

Despite Confluence offers a feature for copying a page, it has some limitations when it comes to dealing with hierarchies of pages and giving the user control of what and where to copy. Having to copy each page in the hierarchy one by one it can be a very time consuming procedure.

Copy Page Hierarch for Confluence Cloud improves the basic Confluence Page Copy twofold. First, it handles the entire hierarchy of subpages in a comprehensible way. Secondly, the user has full control of the destination of the copy and what to copy.

This user guide will give you an overview of the features Copy Page Hierarch for Confluence Cloud provides and how they can be leveraged to save time and to obtain the results you wish.



Copy Page Hierarchy is available for every logged in user who is also permitted to edit a given page. It can be found directly next to the standard Copy option:

Copy Page Hierarchy

Copy Page Hierarchy allows you to copy the page together with it’s hierarchy to a location of your choice. Besides the destination there are more options to control the way the copy is created. In the following we will explain all those options, so you can be sure the copy is created in the way you intended it.

Space and Parent page are mandatory decisions, because those define the destination of the finished copy. Besides those you have the following choices:

  • Prefix: This text will be prepended to each page’s title. As in each space the page title has to be unique, this is useful to avoid such conflicts.

  • Attachments: Defines whether or not attachments will also be copied. Be careful of any attachments referenced right in the page’s content.

  • Permissions: Defines whether or not the page permissions will also be copied. If not, be sure to apply necessary permissions after the copy is finished.

  • Labels: Defines whether or not the page’s labels will also be copied.

While you should carefully verify the destination of the copy every time, the other options are already pre filled with best guesses.

After having started the copy with your desired options you will be able to see a realtime progress of the whole copy process. This can be over in just a few seconds, but if the hierarchy is more comprehensive or there are many attachments this can take quite some time. Note that, once started, the copy process can not be cancelled half way through.

When the copy is finished you will see a note where it is now located and what the top page is called. You can also directly go to the new top page if desired.


When attempting to copy the page hierarchy there can occur various errors. Since page titles have to be unique within one space, one example would be a violation of that policy. In that case the copy can not be done and you will see an error message explaining what went wrong and what to do - if possible.

In this specific scenario you should use a prefix to make the resulting page title unique.