Page Source Editor for Confluence Cloud - User Guide

The Confluence page editor is a very powerful tool, but certainly has some limitations regarding formatting or customization of the content's presentation. As a result it is a common issue that the content is not perfectly arranged.

The Page Source Editor for Confluence Cloud gives you full control of the HTML underlying the Confluence page. So all details of the page can be customized exactly in the way you want it.

This user guide will give you an overview of the features the Page Source Editor for Confluence Cloud provides and how they can be leveraged to obtain the results you wish.



The Page Source Editor is available for every logged in user who is also permitted to edit a given page. It can be opened by clicking the Page Source Editor button in the top right corner:

HTML Editor

The editor allows you to edit the page's HTML in the most convenient way. Many features available in any offline HTML editor or IDE are also available right here in the browser. The most useful features, among others, are syntax highlighting, search & replace, auto suggestions, mini map and code folding.

To use search & replace at any time hit CTRL + F - or CMD + F on Mac. A window will pop up and the text you are searching for will be highlighted in the page. Advanced search & replace features like case sensitivity or search by regular expression are also available.

Once you are done customizing the HTML it is recommended to switch to the Page Preview to check any changes and review the formatting.


Because editing the HTML directly is much more powerful, there is also more risk to get something wrong in the markup. In order to minimize that risk the HTML is validated before actually saving the page. Any errors in the HTML are highlighted in the editor, so you can fix them conveniently.

After fixing the errors the page can be saved and all your changes will take effect.

Page Preview

Checking the Page Preview is a recommended step before finally saving the page. The Page Preview helps you to see how your changes in the HTML actually affect the page's markup.

After fixing any problems in the markup, the page is now ready to be saved.